New electrical units installed

The place is looking great and all the electrical side of things have been sorted!

We have just had the entire of our office fully rewired, thanks to the outstanding work of UK Electrician in London we are one step closer to getting our units /  storage completely transformed and ready.

On the bright side of things we are super happy with what we have accomplished so far and really look forward to a bright future in our sector and once up and running looking forward to doing business over the coming years.

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Storage Ideas

The Right Travel Luggage

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World-class, Garment Storage and Retrieval Conveyors

Unique, Modular, Enclosed-track Conveyor Systems for all Industries

AUPS offers storage and retrieval conveyor systems for all industries with the highest performance and reliability. Garment handling, Uniform distribution, Inmate property bag storage, overhead conveyors for Casino/ Hotel, Correctional facility, Dry Cleaner, Warehouse, Retail – clothing stores, Industrial, residential and many other applications.







Let us take you to a unique, high-end clothing store in SF.
Retriever (optional) AUPS conveyors can be operated automatically  with or without a computer. By entering a location number, the system automatically retrieves items by the shortest path-that can cut manpower costs.


  • Safer and smarter solution for luxury home closets
  • Organize and access your clothes more efficiently while increasing closet storage capacity.
  • Increase the value of your home with AUPS wardrobe conveyors.
  • Enclosed track and drive provide safest operation.

Compare why AUPS Conveyor is The Ultimate Choice  !

 AUPS CONVEYOR: No open sprockets, yokes or exposed chain that would cause pinch points. Equipped with Dust-shields above hangers
SAFETY is the number one reason why our enclosed-track system is the Ultimate Choice for many industries around the World. We just had our office’s interior redecorated by a highly rated painter and decorator in London so we have a nice business place for you to come and meet with us. AUPS conveyors are more modular and stronger than conventional storage conveyors, follow virtually any path to suit your layout. Bolt together construction allows many configurations.
  • No large sprockets/guides, exposed yokes used for our Enclosed-track Conveyor systems, which enables safer, quieter and cleaner operation
  • Discrete appearance, high-quality, low-maintenance system.
  • All parts are made of hard steel and zinc plated. Corrosion free.
  • Modular: 30, 45, 60 or custom size curves horizontal or vertical at any required degree. All tracks are pre-flanged for bolt together assembly on site.
  • Very durable: Load capacity; 110 lb. /foot. One drive operates up-to 600′ chain.