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RK CONVEYORS' World-class Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyors are much more flexible than conventional storage conveyors and can follow virtually any path to suit your storage layout. Its bolt together construction allows for many configurations.

  • Safety (video) is #1 advantage of RK CONVEYORS system. Design and manufacturing experience since 1969 ensures product reliability.
  • Discrete appearance, high-quality, low-maintenance system
  • All parts are made of steel. Chain and all curves are hardened.
  • Handles loads up to 110 lb./foot by coupling two pendants. Distributed loads to 30,000 lbs can be conveyed on a 600' system with only one drive. Multiple Drive-units used for longer systems.
News: RK CONVEYORS supplied and installed it's specifically chosen, uniform conveyors for The City of Dreams Casino complex- Macau featuring a Crown Hotel, Grand Hyatt and Hard Rock Hotel, now opened  

Trolley Booster Conveyor

Warehouse - Racking Systems (G.O.H.)

RK CONVEYORS' extensive line of Monorail and Stock Rack Systems are designed and installed for many companies, specifically for garment handling applications.

Garment transfers, floor to floor

Transfering garments / items between floors or processing stages with RK CONVEYORS' Overhead Conveyor saves valuable floor space, time and labour while increasing quality in Dry Cleaning industry, Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Distribution centers.

RK-D10 Digital Controller Reduce human error
and enhance your conveyor system performance

RK D10 Auto-controller

One person can easily operate the system without leaving his or her station-that can cut manpower costs. By simply entering a location number, the system automatically retrieves items already stored by shortest path.

It has all the required features. It can be operated without a computer yet can be fully integrated with computer software.

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